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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Bill to modify and expand the rights of workers approved in first reading

The Chamber of Deputies, on 7 June, approved in first reading the bill that modifies the provisions established in articles 54, 236, 237, 238, and 239 of the Labour Code.

The legislative piece, authored by Deputy José Horacio Rodríguez, aims to establish the rights of workers, expanding maternity and paternity leave, modifying the provisions of articles 54, 236, 237, 238, and 239 of the Code of Labour of the Dominican Republic.

The modification of article 54 states that the employer must grant the worker five days of leave with salary due to celebrating the latter’s marriage: three days in the case of death of any of their grandparents, parents, children, or partner.

Likewise, in paragraph one of article 54, it is contemplated that in the case of the birth of the wife or partner duly registered in the company, the employer will grant paid paternity leave for twenty-one (21) working days from the birth or child adoption.

It still needs to be approved in second reading by the Chamber of Deputies, then by the Senate, and finally by the President of the Republic. However, this modification will likely be approved in the near future. Therefore, companies must be prepared, from now on, for this probability.