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Norway: Judgement from the Court of Appeal Regarding Occupational Accident in Home Office

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeal handed down a judgement regarding occupational injury insurance in the home office. The judgement was appealed to the Supreme Court but was recently denied access, meaning that the Court of Appeal judgement is now final and legally binding.

The case concerned an employee who sustained an injury on the way to the car while travelling from her home office to another workplace. On her way to the car, she fell on the ice and fractured her wrist and back/pelvis. The employer’s liability insurance company refused benefits on the grounds of the accident.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the injury was not covered by occupational injury insurance since the nature of the work did not require a home office of the morning in question. The occupational injury insurance was therefore not activated at the time the injury happened. This judgement implies that occupational injury insurance ultimately may not be relied upon in all events of home office work.