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EU: The Second European Employment and Social Rights Forum Focuses on AI and the World of Work

The European Employment and Social Rights Forum (in short, the European Social Forum or EESRF) was launched last year by the EU Commission to boost political and academic discussions about the social dimension of the EU. Last year, the event focused on how to achieve a fair and inclusive green transition for all. This year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was chosen as the main focus. The event took place on 16-17 November 2023.

Last year’s edition attracted over 1200 participants. The current speakers include Commissioners Nicolas Schmit and Thierry Breton, Prof. Chris Pissarides (LSE), Director-General of DG EMPL Joost Korte, Dr. Sophie Robin-Olivier (Sorbonne), Jeremias Adams-Prassl (Oxford University), Isabelle Schömann (ETUC), and lots of other EU and international and national policy makers, academics, as well as persons representing AI companies.

The topics include digitalisation, algorithmic management in traditional workplaces, skills in the age of AI, the role of data and AI at the workplace, the connection with the European Pillar of Social Rights, discrimination and AI, etc.

More info and registration can be found here: