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Alina Giżejowska

+48 124 105 410
Zaleskiego 8/3b
+48 124 105 410
Polish, English

Alina Giżejowska is a practising attorney with over two decades of experience in providing services in the field of strategies in individual and group employee processes. In the Law Firm, she is responsible for servicing foreign clients in international cases and matters concerning Compliance. She advises Clients in resolving sensitive employee matters, in particular those of discrimination and mobbing, protection of confidential information, accidents-at-work claims, disciplinary proceedings of civil service employees, termination of employment relationship of high-level managers and specially-protected employees. She develops custom solutions for so called “difficult cases” and strategies for individual employee cases and for relations between employers and trade union organizations. She participates in internal procedures concerning cases of mobbing and discrimination. Alina conducts trainings and internal workshops (also in English) for employees in labour law and dedicated to managing groups and individual managers on subjects that are significant from the client’s perspective. Author of a dozen or so publications and educational and awareness-raising statements.

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