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  • Member of Colombian Labour Bar Association
  • Lawyer from Pontificia Javeriana University (2011).
  • Specialist in Tax Law from Pontificia Javeriana University (2012).
  • Master’s in Labour and Social Security Law from Rey Juan Carlos University (2019).
  • Master’s in Labor and Social Security Law – Magna Cum Laude and Order of Academic Merit from the Pontificia Javeriana University (2020)
Professional Background
  • Professor of Labor Law at College of Management Studies (CESA).
  • Professor of Individual Labour Law I, in the undergraduate Law Degree, School of Legal Sciences at Pontificia Javeriana University.
  • Professor of Individual Labour Seminar at Pontificia Javeriana University.
  • Thesis Evaluator as degree requirement of Law Degree and Master in Labour Law and Social Security at Pontificia Javeriana University.
  • Professor of Labour Law and Social Security Diploma, Continuing Education Program at Pontificia Javeriana University (2021).
  • Professor of Labour Law Diploma at Andes University (2014 – 2015).
  • Jury member of the Labour Law Seminar of Labour Law and Social Security Studies Center of Pontificia Javeriana University and Externado of Colombia University, (2015, 2016, 2017).

Legal 500

  • Member of Colombian Labour Bar Association
  • Member of Javeriana Bar Association
  • TIRANT LO BLANCH. Labour Law Vademecum, published by Tirant lo Blanch Editorial Group, Bogotá, Colombia (2021)
  • TIRANT LO BLANCH. Chapter: The representativeness of women in union practice: is there female representation in all industries? Or is it only in those trades that are stereotyped as women’s work? Labour and Women – A Gendered Reading of Labour Law in Colombia, published by Tirant lo Blanch Editorial Group, Bogotá, Colombia (2020).
  • INESEM BUSINESS SCHOOL. Collective Bargaining in Spain Existing Industry, Applied to the Colombian Regime, INESEM Business School Legal-Research Articles. Madrid, Spain (2020).
  • TIRANT LO BLANCH. Chapter I: Introduction to Individual Labour Law -Labour GPS, Professional Guide published by Tirant lo Blanch, Editorial Group. Bogotá, Colombia (2019)
  • COLOMBIAN LABOUR BAR ASSOCIATION. Chapter I: Trade Unions (Art. 353 – 404 Substantive Labour Code). Theoretical and Practical Compendium of Labour Law, Joint Edition between Legis Publisher and the Colombian Labour Bar Association, Bogotá, Colombia (2013).
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Ana María Rubiano Delgado

Consulting Leader - Partner
+57 134 069 44
Calle 70 # 7 - 30 piso 6
Edificio Séptima Setenta
+57 134 069 44
Spanish, English

Ana María has built her career in the firm since 2009, where she started as an intern and after having developed client-focused skills with great technical strength, she has consolidated herself as one of the leaders of the Labour Corporate Counselling team. Her professional career allows her to have a clear and strategic vision of the client’s needs, providing solid and timely solutions that generate value, confidence and peace of mind when dealing with labour issues of greatest importance to companies. Currently in her role, she oversees the legal administration and structuring of legal strategies to provide guidance to the Firm’s clients’ consulting services.

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