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Lydia Milders

+31 20 3446 114
Prins Hendriklaan 17
1075 AZ
+31 20 34 46 100
Dutch, English

Lydia Milders is a tenacious lawyer with a pragmatic approach. 

Lydia is involved in:

  • Guiding (international) reorganisations, advising on (individual and collective) dismissals and employee co-determination law. 
  • Litigation, including on (breach of) confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-compete clauses.
  • Fraud & workplace integrity issues, including: theft, breach of non-compete and/or non-disclosure clauses, unlawful competition. Collaboration with private investigation agencies, internal integrity departments and forensic IT experts. 
  • Evidence gathering & seizure of evidence.
  • Complaint procedures concerning transgressive behaviour in the workplace (including sexual harassment).
  • The sick employee (problems with rehabilitation, illness & dismissal).

Lydia has been affiliated with Palthe Oberman since 2010. She studied at the University of Groningen.

Lydia regularly provides training on employment law issues and fraud in the workplace.

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