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10. Trade Unions and Employers Associations
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10. Trade Unions and Employers Associations

Brief Description of Employees’ and Employers’ Associations

Labor Organization” refers to any union or association of employees in the private sector which exists in whole or in part for the purpose of collective bargaining, mutual aid, interest, cooperation, protection, or other lawful purposes.

Union” refers to any labour organisation in the private sector organised for collective bargaining and for other legitimate purposes.

Workers’ Association” refers to an association of workers organised for the mutual aid and protection of its members or for any legitimate purpose other than collective bargaining.

In the Philippines, there is no legally mandated association to be organised for the collective interests of employers.

Rights and Importance of Trade Unions

Labour unions are organised to represent the interests of labourers and employees in order to better obtain concessions from the employer through collective bargaining, even through strikes as a last resort. The rights of legitimate labour organisations under the Labour Code include, among others, to act as the representative of its members for the purpose of collective bargaining, to own real or personal properties, and to sue and be sued in its registered name.

Other types of Employee Representative Bodies

There are no other types of employee representative bodies under the Labour Code.

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