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3. Health and Safety Measures

Requirements mandated by law or any official guidance.

  • Employers must organise tasks in such a way as to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions on the one hand, and on the other - to ensure the continuity of the establishment's operations. At the beginning of May, the Chief Labour Inspector issued recommendations regarding return to work. Accordingly, the employer should, inter alia: re-assess occupational risk taking into account new types of risk, including mental health and psychosocial risks, create an action plan including appropriate security measures, and provide appropriate prevention measures.
  • Moreover, based on the Council of Ministers' Decree, employers are obliged to provide employees with disposable gloves or hand disinfectants and to ensure a distance of at least 1.5 m between workplaces. Employees are also required to cover their nose and mouth with pieces of clothing, masks or helmets while providing direct customer service.

Measures typically implemented by employers and the associated legal risks, limitations, obligations and issues to consider.  

  • In most workplaces, frequent disinfection of surfaces and rooms takes place. Moreover, although it is not based on any legal regulation or guidelines of the authorities, many workplaces introduced epidemiological control surveys for employees, workers and visitors or temperature checks. The obligation of self-control checks for the employees is also a popular solution among employers in Poland.
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