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Latest developments in Data Protection in Asia-Pacific

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2023 has been a very significant year regarding Data Protection in the Asia-Pacific region. Jurisdictions are amending their laws to align them more closely with European privacy rules. But at the same time the specific rules in Asia-Pacific vary widely. For example in India where the long-awaited Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 has come into effect, which will have a significant impact. Or in Australia where long overdue proposed reforms are being discussed, with a proposed implementation date of 2024. In addition, Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to dominate the headlines and a lot of conversations; equally there are many concerns about when and how data protection laws are able to govern situations where the design and deployment of machine-learning AI models or systems involve the use of personal data.

Employers need to take into account the aforementioned issues when dealing with multi-jurisdictional matters and preparing data protection policies in Asia-Pacific. This webinar will address the current laws and the proposed reforms in data protection and how employers can be better prepared under the new laws.