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L&E Global webinar: Cross-Border Remote Work, Authorized and Unauthorized – Latin America

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Your employees suddenly turn up in a foreign country or exotic locale without management knowledge or approval carrying out remote work from their laptops, and intend to remain indefinitely. Or an employee wishes to return to his or her native country to spend extended time with family during the COVID-19 crisis. What issues of work authorization, permanent establishment tax exposure, local social security requirements, cross-border employment law, workplace injury, and security of electronic communications arise, and how can they be handled? How can we establish a uniform approach to cross-border remote work, which both treats employees equitably and protects the company from exposures which it has no business interest in incurring. In this webinar a panel will discuss the challenges for companies when employees request to work from Latin America and share best practices.
• Alejandro Castellanos (Lopez Asociados in Colombia)
• Nicolas Grandi (Allende & Brea in Argentina)
• Gabriela Lima (TozziniFreire in Brazil)
• Jimena Sanchez (De La Vega & Martínez Rojas in México)
• John Sander, moderator (Jackson Lewis in United States)
• Ricardo Tisi (Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos in Chile)