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L&E Global Webinar: Restructuring in Asia-Pacific in the age of COVID-19

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Experienced practitioners from Australia, China, India, Japan, and Singapore will share their perspectives on key issues facing multinational employers required to make organizational changes in light of COVID-19:

  • COVID-related laws, regulations and programs which affect or alter the normal restructuring legal scheme
    • Limitations or special provisions affecting economic dismissals
    • Wage subsidies, salary reduction measures, work-sharing or other programs to avoid job loss
  • Actual COVID restructuring experiences country-by-country
    • Major restructuring events — what sectors, how large, what types of employees
    • Major challenges legally as well as in public relations, governmental/political affairs, and labor relations
  • Lessons learned and best practices

We invite you to view the final presentation of this webinar by clicking on the icon below:

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