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Teleworking in Latin America and the United States: Best Practices and Regulation – L&E Global Webinar

Webinar date and time
On demand

Date: 30 July 2020
• 11 a.m. México, Colombia y Perú
• 12 p.m. Chile y EE.UU.
• 1 p.m. Argentina
We would like to invite you to our exclusive L&E Global Webinar in Spanish “Teleworking in Latin America and the United States: best practices and regulation!” on labour standards and key experiences that countries and companies in Latin America and the USA have developed to effectively manage Virtual Work. Key information to help you make the workplace sustainable.
In this spanish-speaking webinar, experts from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the US will discuss and answer questions about the main aspects of regulation and management of teleworking, with key elements such as:

  • What are the main labour implications of virtual work in Latin America and the US?
  • What labour risks can companies face in this virtual modality of work?
  • What successful practices are taking place in Latin America and the US to boost the productivity and motivation of people in virtual work?
  • What elements are key to define internal protocols and policies in order to regulate virtual work?

This webinar will have a duration of 1 hour and is free of charge. You can register for the webinar via the specific registration button and feel free to forward the invitation to any of your colleagues.