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USA: COVID-19 and Reimagining the Workplace – Daily Briefing

Webinar date and time
On demand

Daily: 18~22 May 2020
4:00 PM Eastern Time – 1:00 Pacific Time
Duration: 30 minutes
Join Jackson Lewis P.C. attorneys for a daily briefing on legal developments and practical guidance related to COVID-19 and what comes next for employers as we reimagine the workplace together.
As issues and concerns caused by COVID-19 continue to multiply and shift, employers are faced with the ongoing uncertainty around how to get back to business and stay in business while simultaneously keeping their workforce safe. Next week we will focus our Daily Briefing series on concerns and issues affecting specific industries as restrictions ease and employers face how to safely and successfully re-open.
Monday: Restaurants
Tuesday: Retail
Wednesday: Construction
Thursday: Manufacturing
Friday: Marijuana and the Remote Workplace