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Romania: New changes within the Labour Code regarding the termination of the employment agreement

At this moment the standard retirement age for women is 63 years and the standard age of retirement for men is 65 years. The standard ages for both men and women are to be equalized in the future. In order to prevent a gender discrimination situation, women can choose to continue the employment up until they reach the age of 65 years. In order to benefit from this provision women should notify the employer 30 days prior to the date when they reach the standard age of retirement for women. The employer cannot limit the right of the female employee to continue the employment after the age of 65.

Law no. 93/2019 that comes into effect in May 2019 also gives all employees the possibility to extend the employment after they reach standard age of retirement. They can ask each year to be maintained in the same position after the standard age of retirement, for a period of a maximum of 3 years. The employer can accept or reject the requests. The first request has to be submitted to the employer 30 days prior to the date when the employee reaches standard retirement age.