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Chile: Meaning and scope of Telemarketers law defined

The Department of Labour sets out the meaning and scope of the Law of Telemarketers in Ordinary Opinion No. 4.088/024 of 26 August 2019.

“Call Center” agreements are of a labour nature and must contain all the requirements of the individual employment’s agreement. One of the missions of this law is the protection of the remuneration of these employees, avoiding discretion in the payment of bonuses or in any variable remuneration.

The daily ordinary workday may not exceed 10 hours, notwithstanding partial hours that may be agreed in accordance with current legal regulations. The employees will be entitled to a 10-second pause between each attention, as well as a break within the day for a total of 30 minutes per day, and 30 minutes minimum for lunch.

In addition, the passwords to enter the different communication platforms will be secret and personal to the employee. Finally, employees hired before the law starts is set to take effect, must comply with the new regulations.