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Romania: New Pension Benefits for Employees performing Activities under Specific Working Conditions

Law No. 263/2010, which regulates state funded pensions, was recently amended by Law No. 215/2019, to provide additional benefits to employees employed in specifically designated categories of work, after 1 April 2001.

Effective 1 April 2001, working conditions in Romania are divided into “normal working conditions”, “particular working conditions” and “special working conditions”.

Employees who have worked in “particular” or “special” conditions benefit from a reduced retirement age as well as the accumulation of additional periods that can be considered as part of their contribution period.

The law previously stated that employees who worked in “particular working conditions” would benefit from an additional 3 months that can be considered as part of their contribution period, for each year that the employee worked in these conditions. Law No. 215/2019 has now increased this benefit to 4 months, which translates to higher state pensions for this category of employees. The benefit for employees who work in “special conditions” remains the same.