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Czech Republic

Czech Republic: COVID-19 Situational Updates

We are facing exceptionally difficult and sensitive times. Having declared a state of emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic, the government is taking measures with a profound impact on the economic situation, business and the ordinary life of citizens. In response, we have decided to inform you on a regular and comprehensive basis about the latest developments on the legal and tax implications of the coronavirus pandemic. Visit our “COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION SERVICE ON THE COVID-19 CRISIS” website.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need advice regarding the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on you and your business. We believe that HAVEL & PARTNERS, as the largest independent law firm in Central Europe, is perfectly equipped to tackle crisis situations. Among others things, we have created a specialised task force coordinating solutions of all legal, tax and economic issues arising from the situation caused by COVID-19, sharing best practice with our staff and addressing our clients’ needs immediately.


HAVEL & PARTNERS labour law experts are available for you to consult on any issues related to this program. For additional information on any matter related to labour issues in Czech Republic, please contact Jan Koval ( partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS, or visit

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