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USA: Partial Unemployment and Workshare Eligibility Guide

COVID-19 continues to compel employers to evaluate all aspects of their business model, including cost and headcount reductions through furloughs, layoffs and reductions in force.

Every option involves state specific requirements—including the many benefits and burdens associated with unemployment insurance. Navigating the various state and federal unemployment programs is at best challenging, and fraught with potential risk if employers do not understand the complexities and mechanisms for compliance.

To help employers make legally sound and sustainable decisions, Jackson Lewis has prepared an easy to navigate multi-state resource to quickly answer frequently asked questions, including:

  • How is the weekly benefit amount calculated?
  • Which states offer workshare?
  • Which states offer partial unemployment insurance for reduced hours?
  • At what amount does an employee become ineligible for unemployment benefits if they receive partial wages?
  • Do health insurance payments affect UI?
  • Do payouts of PTO affect UI?

The guide includes direct links to state agency websites and resources.  We also track updates to unemployment laws in direct response to COVID-19 here.

Unlimited access to our Partial Unemployment and Workshare Eligibility Guide is $495.  This tool is regularly and automatically updated so you continue to have access to the most complete and current information to help you make critical decisions for your employees and your company.

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