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Poland: New amendments in the Labour Law

The rate of unemployment benefits has changed. Pursuant to the new regulations, from September 1st 2020, the amount of the benefit is PLN 1,200 per month during the first 90 days of being entitled to the allowance, and PLN 942.30 per month after this period. The change also included scholarships and activation allowances.

From September 5th  this year the new provisions allow employers to instruct employees to work remotely in order to counteract COVID-19 for the duration of an epidemic threat or epidemic state announced due to COVID-19 and three months after the state is officially cancelled. This is an extension of the possibility of using remote work that was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic.

The Council of Ministers adopted an ordinance on the amount of the minimum salary for work and the amount of the minimum hourly wage in 2021. From January 1st 2021, the minimum salary will be PLN 2,800 gross, and the minimum hourly wage will be PLN 18.30 gross.


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