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Argentina: All Employees can be Requested to Attend to their Workplace

The National Government ordered that all the employees can be requested to attend to their workplace to do on-site work. 

The National Government, through Executive Order No. 678/2021 ordered that:

  1. All the economic, industrial, commercial and services activities must be performed in accordance with the health protocols approved by the applicable health authority.
  2. Employers must guarantee employees safe working conditions as provided by the health authority.
  3. Only those employees who can evidence that (i) suffer from immunodeficiency diseases, (ii) are oncology patients, or (iii) are transplanted patients, will be exceptionally exempted from attending to their workplace. Such exemption will last no more than 30 days, that can be extended if the circumstances persist.

Consequently, all the employers are entitled to request their employees to attend to the workplace to do on-site work, as long as they comply with the health protocols and the general prevention measures (keeping a minimum distance of 2 metres among the employees, using facemask in shared spaces, proper and constant ventilation of the spaces and regular hand hygiene).