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Romania: New Minimum Wage to apply starting January 2022

According to Government Decision No. 1071/2021, from January 2022 the new minimum wage guaranteed in payment will be RON 2.550.

The new level for the general gross minimum wage for a full-time employee was set by the Government at 2.550 RON (approximately Euro 515) starting 1 January 2022. Government Decision No. 1071/2021 does not include provisions on a higher minimum wage for positions that require higher education, so this category of employees who benefited from a different minimum wage until 31 December 2021, will receive in 2022, the same minimum wage as employees who have positions that do not require higher education. The gross minimum wage for employees in the construction sector will remain the same as in 2021 at 3.000 RON (approximately Euro 606).

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel 

All employers have the legal obligation to effectively pay at least the minimum wage set by the Government Decision, to all full-time employees.