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Poland: Considerable Employment Facilitation Measures Enacted to Support Ukrainian Citizens in Poland

Authors: Prof. Arkadiusz Sobczyk, Ph.D. and Paula Nowak

After the outbreak of war on Ukrainian territory, more than 2.5 million Ukrainian citizens fleeing Russian aggression have arrived in Poland. As a result, Poland has announced a new law that implements measures to significantly facilitate the necessary terms and conditions in order for Ukrainians to seek and obtain employment and to legally enter and stay in Poland.

Residence for citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Poland after the outbreak of war is legal for 18 months as from 24 February 2022. To cross the border, it is enough to have any document, even if expired, that confirms the identity of the person. Also, for people who were legally staying in Poland before the outbreak of war, their legal stay is extended.

In terms of taking up employment, all Ukrainians who are legally residing in Poland shall be allowed to start working in Poland without any prior permits, if the entity entrusting employment to a Ukrainian citizen notifies the district labour office within 14 days from the date that the Ukrainian citizen became employed.

Polish legislation also provides for other forms of support to refugees from Ukraine seeking asylum in Poland.