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Poland: Minimum Wage to Rise Twice in 2023

Authors: Prof. Arkadiusz Sobczyk, Ph.D. and Paula Nowak

The minimum wage will increase twice in 2023. The government has adopted a draft law on the matter. The first one is to come into force in January and according to it, Poles are to earn at least PLN 3,383 gross. The second one will come into force in July and will increase the minimum salary to PLN 3,450 gross.

At present, the minimum wage is PLN 3010 gross and, according to estimates, this is what some 2.2 million Poles earn. This means that just over a year from now, these people will receive over PLN 400 (gross) more.

The valorisation of the minimum wage twice a year will be caused by high inflation. In May, the inflation rate was 13.9 per cent year-on-year according to the Central Statistical Office. According to experts, it is expected that prices will continue to rise.

The proposal will now go to the Council for Social Dialogue, amongst which includes the government representatives, the union representatives and employers’ union representatives. All parties have 30 days to negotiate. If, by that time, the Council does not agree to a uniform position on the minimum wage, the government will be able to do so itself, by means of a regulation.