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France: Project Law of the Retirement Reform

Several projects are under consideration by the Government.

First, the pension reform, which was already considered late 2019 but was aborted due to the Covid pandemic. A postponement of the legal retirement age (which is now of 62 and may become 65 or 64) and/or an extension of the contribution period are envisaged.  President Macron has announced that he wants this to come into force in the summer of 2023.

Unions and some political parties are strongly opposed to this reform and national strike movements may well occur this winter.

Project law of the unemployment insurance reform

Second project: full employment. In view of achieving full employment (5% unemployment rate compared to 7.4% today) at the end of a five-year period, many reforms are under consideration. Changes to unemployment insurance are to be expected, such as a modulation in the maximum duration of compensation (currently 24 months) or the conditions of eligibility (having worked six months in the last 24 months). Such changes are also likely to trigger strong opposition from Unions.

More to come then!