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UK: Carer’s Leave Bill will Introduce a New Entitlement

Authors: Corinna Harris and Charles Urquhart


Under current rules, before offering redundancy to an employee on maternity leave, shared parental leave or adoption leave, employers must offer them a suitable alternative vacancy where one exists. The Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Bill will enable this redundancy protection to be extended so it also applies to pregnant women and to new parents returning to work from those forms of family leave.

The Carer’s Leave Bill will introduce a new entitlement of one week’s unpaid leave per year for employees who are providing or arranging care. Leave will be available to eligible employees from the first day of their employment, and they will be able to take this leave flexibly to suit their caring responsibilities.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel

The proposed protection from redundancy legislation will afford greater protection to pregnant women and new parents against the threat of redundancy.

Carers will not need to provide evidence of how they will use their leave and taking this leave entitlement will be subject to the same employment protections associated with family-related leave, so carers will be protected from dismissal or any detriment as a result of taking time off.

Government backs new law to help pregnant women and new parents stay in work

Boost for carers who will receive new unpaid leave entitlement