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Switzerland: Minimum Wage: Upcoming Vote on CHF 23.90 Hourly Minimum Wage in the City of Zurich

On March 1, 2023 the Zurich City Parliament decided to introduce a minimum wage of CHF°23.90 per hour (roughly CHF 4’000 per month) for employees working in the city of Zurich. A conservative alliance together with the trade and business association has launched a referendum against the introduction of a minimum wage. As a result, the voters of Zurich City will soon have to decide on the introduction of a minimum wage in their town. The vote will most likely be held in June 2023.

Switzerland does not know federal minimum wages other than those introduced by collective bargaining agreements. However, cantonal or regional minimum wages are becoming more popular.

Recently the canton Basel City has introduced a minimum wage of CHF 21. Please see our article: Basel-City to become the fifth Swiss Canton with Statutory Minimum Wage. Similar votes will also soon be held in other cities.