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UK: Whistleblowing: UK Government review

The review of the whistleblowing framework follows an announcement in March 2021 that this would take place after data was published by whistleblowing advice service Protect which showed that one in four COVID-19 whistleblowers who contacted its advice line were dismissed.

The review will seek evidence from whistleblowers, employers, key charities and regulators on the effectiveness of the current regime in meeting its original objectives of:  providing a route for workers to make disclosures, protecting those who do so and supporting wider cultural change to recognise the benefits of whistleblowing.

The research will focus on:

  • How the whistleblowing framework has facilitated disclosures
  • How the whistleblowing framework has protected workers
  • Whether whistleblowing information is available and accessible for workers, employers etc
  • What the wider benefits and impacts of the whistleblowing framework have been on employers, prescribed persons etc
  • What best practice looks like in responding to disclosures

The review will also examine evidence on the definition of ‘worker’ for whistleblowing purposes.

Key Action Points for Human Resources and In-house Counsel

The review will inform government policies on the development and improvement of the existing whistleblowing regime.