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Spain: Starting March 20th, Businesses Can Receive Lawsuit Notifications Electronically

Starting March 20th, businesses can receive legal notifications and lawsuits electronically from the initial summons. The amendment to Article 155 of the Civil Procedure Law signifies a major shift, enabling these initial notifications to be made electronically, as opposed to the previous requirement for them to be physical and in person.

Recommendations for businesses
Considering this new regulation, it is crucial for businesses to:

  • Enhance diligence in reviewing notifications received electronically through the DEHú platform or equivalent systems depending on the autonomous community. It is vital to ensure that contact details, especially email addresses, are up-to-date on these platforms to guarantee the receipt of notifications.
  • Maintain regular access to the new online “Carpeta Justicia” space and various electronic judicial sites.
  • Set up alert systems on the “Tablón Judicial Edictal Único” to receive warnings for unaccessed notifications within the legally established deadline.

These measures are essential to effectively managing electronic notifications and minimizing legal risks.