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Mexico: Gender Perspective Inspections

Labour inspections with a gender perspective represent a specialized approach to ensuring equitable and discrimination-free working conditions, considering the specific needs of women and men.


Differences from a Normal Inspection:

Unlike a conventional labour inspection, a gender-perspective inspection incorporates additional criteria and considerations aimed at identifying and correcting potential gender inequalities in the workplace. It focuses on aspects such as conditions for pregnant women, lactating mothers, prevention of harassment and discrimination, among others.


Specific Procedure

  1. Selection of Gender-Perspective Indicators: During inspection planning, specific gender-related indicators are chosen to assess compliance with labour standards, and a questionnaire is administered to workers with specific questions aimed at understanding the company’s situation regarding female workers and the treatment they receive.


  1. Triggering Protocol Criteria: The initiation of a gender-perspective inspection may be prompted by specific questions during interviews or complaints related to gender discrimination, or it can be triggered by a complaint from a worker regarding gender-related issues.


  1. Comprehensive Evaluation: During the inspection, multiple aspects are evaluated from a gender perspective, including conditions for pregnant women, lactating mothers, night shift work schedules, maternity/paternity leaves, equal pay, and workplace violence prevention protocols. This is done to ensure a safe and harmonious environment among employees and to ensure that the rights of female workers are respected, and they do not face reprisals in cases of pregnancy or any gender-related issue.


Impact and Results:

The goal of a gender-perspective inspection is to promote an inclusive and equitable work environment, in compliance with Mexican Labour and Employment legislation and the substantive equality principles established in the Constitution.

Gender-perspective labour inspections are essential tools to identify and correct gender inequalities in the workplace, promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment for all individuals at work. It is crucial for every company to stay informed about the latest requirements from authorities regarding inclusion, equity, gender perspective, etc. Therefore, they should periodically assess their policies, Internal Work Regulations, and corresponding protocols to ensure full compliance with the different regulations governing these issues.