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China: Comprehensive Service Platform for Foreign Talents Officially Launched

On 3 June 2024, the Comprehensive Service Platform for Foreign Talents ( (the “Platform”) was officially launched by the Foreign Talent Research Centre of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The Platform aims to enhance the convenience and comfort of foreign talents working and living in China through comprehensive information services.

The Platform consists of seven main sections: Talent Policies, Event Previews, Important News, Job Recruitment, China Stories, City Channels, and Life Discoveries.

The Platform is a public welfare, service-oriented, socialized guiding platform. It caters to different groups such as employees, businesspeople, students, and tourists by designing various life scenarios in China, including food, entertainment, transportation, sightseeing, medical services, and Chinese language learning, to offer comprehensive guides for first-time visitors. The Platform integrates authoritative policy services, precise information services, and considerate life services, creating a one-stop information marketplace.  It features an all-English interface, selects frequently asked questions, highlights immersive story sharing by foreign talents, and focuses on a warm and friendly interactive experience that aligns with foreigners’ usage habits.

Key Action Points

For foreign individuals working and living in China, the Platform provides a comprehensive service guide on residence permits, visa extensions, and departure tax refunds.