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Conducting Employee Misconduct Investigations in Brazil, France, Mexico, the UK and USA

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In the past 3 years, 78% of global companies have conducted investigations for fraud, corruption, or related misconduct according to the latest “Kroll Global Fraud and Risk Report.” This percentage would have reached 100% if HR internal investigations had also been included, given that they generally represent over 50 % of whistleblowing reports. These investigations are becoming more complex to handle due to growing legal constraints from the increase in whistleblowing and data privacy legislation. They are becoming increasingly publicized and often result in significant financial and reputation damage. Best practices for conducting investigations vary considerably based on the legal context and limitations in the country where an employee works.

Join our leading practitioners in Brazil, France, Mexico, the UK and USA for practical advice on:

  • What and when to investigate,
  • Who should investigate,
  • How to collect evidence,
  • How to run effective interviews; and
  • The technology that helps speed up the process and reduce costs.

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