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Australia: COVID-19 and Your Business

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has significantly impacted Australian workplaces. Almost 90% of Australian businesses are expected to be impacted by COVID-19 in the coming months. Many employers are looking at significant changes to their workforce in response to COVID-19.  Employers might consider:

  • allowing staff to work from home;
  • adjusting wages;
  • redeploying staff;
  • standing down staff;
  • reducing headcount by making redundancies; and
  • other changes.

Employers, legal Counsel and human resources managers must ensure that any changes are implemented in line with their legal obligations. At Harmers, we are here to help Australian businesses navigate Australia’s complex and rapidly changing legal framework during these difficult and uncertain times. Harmers has been at the forefront of assisting employers affected by COVID-19. We have helped many businesses implement the necessary changes in accordance with their legal obligations.


Harmers Workplace Lawyers has a team of employment law specialists readily available to assist you with these and other workplace issues. For more information, please visit www.harmers.com.au.

For more information please contact Joseph Granato, Communications Manager at L&E Global at joseph.granato@leglobal.org.