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Argentina: New Telework Register

Authors: Nicolás Grandi and Lucas Ezequiel Bilyk

The Ministry of Labour has created a Telework Register under the terms of Section 18 of Law 27,555. This law also provides the access by trade unions to the data related to the number of teleworkers.

According to Section 2 of Law 27,555 and Section 1 of Regulatory Decree 27/2021, all employers with remote workers or teleworkers must be registered with the Telework Register.

Once registered, employers will have to report, for each employee, whether they telework or not. Employers must also provide additional information about teleworkers in the terms required by the labor authority (e.g. the software they use). The information must be updated every time a new employee is hired under the teleworking modality. However, the regulation also requires that the information be provided every month although there is no new hire during that period.