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Chile: Progressive Implementation of the 40-Hour Law

The “40-Hour Law” will come into force in stages, with working hours being gradually reduced as follows:

  • On 26th April 2024: 44 hours per week
  • On 26th April 2026: 42 hours per week
  • On 26th April 2028: 40 hours per week

In addition, the following rules will come into force on 26th April 2024:

  • Rules on exceptions to the working time limit (Article 22(2) of the Labour Code)
  • Two-hour band for mothers, fathers or carers
  • Compensation for overtime worked on additional public holidays
  • Rules on electronic attendance recording
  • New conditions and time limits for exceptional working hours
  • A new definition of part-time work
  • Removal of the general exception for workers under teleworking or remote work from the working day limit

Finally, starting 26th April 2028, the following changes will come into force:

  • The working week may not be divided into more than 6 days or less than 4 days.
  • Exceptional systems of distribution of working time and rest on an average of 42 hours per week.