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Romania: Higher Emphasis Being Put on Monoparental Families with New Regulations Regarding Night Work

The Romanian Labour Code was modified to add monoparental units to the category of individuals that cannot perform work at night.

Prior to the change, this exception was only applicable to pregnant women—women that recently given birth or were breastfeeding. This measure is part of a series that are being implemented in order to ensure a better work-life balance for the employees, especially those that handle the care of children. An individual who represents a monoparental unit who does want to perform night work is not prohibited. However, the employer cannot impose night work on an employee from this category who does not want to work under these conditions.

Practical point

Employers that have activities that require night work should make sure that all the employees scheduled to perform work under these conditions are willing to do so, especially if they are from a monoparental family.