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Mandatory vaccination and remote work: what are the possibilities for employers?

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Now that more and more employees are returning to the office, there is a fine balance for employers between requiring work at the office, agreeing to remote work, and ensuring safe working environment. How can we establish a uniform approach to cross-border remote work and vaccination issues, which both treats employees equitably and protects the company from unnecessary exposures? In this webinar the panel of experts will discuss the challenges and share best practices concerning key issues such as:

  • Can an employer impose a mandatory vaccination requirement and if not, what alternatives are there?
  • If a mandate is permissible, must exceptions or accommodations be made on religious or medical grounds?
  • What types of disciplinary action may be taken against employees who refuse to be vaccinated?
  • What are the wage-hour implications of time expended getting vaccinations or leaves due to vaccination side effects?
  • Is the employer which requires vaccination liable for expenses or damages arising from illness or injury sustained through an adverse reaction to the vaccine?
  • If the employer does not require vaccination, must it accommodate employees who refuse to work with unvaccinated employees?
  • Can an employer which chooses not to require vaccination instead incentivize employees to be vaccinated (e.g. through bonuses, vouchers, additional time off, etc.)?
  • What are the main labour implications and risks of remote work in Latin America?
  • What elements are key to define internal protocols and policies in order to regulate remote work?



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