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The Employers of Record (EOR) ‘rules’ in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

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One of the most common areas of concern to cross-border clients today is the use of the Employer of Record solution as an alternative or adjunct to setting up local operations.  While the advantages of an EOR (having a single provider for payroll services and HR compliance in a country where the company has no presence) are clear, many employers struggle to reconcile the wide promotion of EOR solutions with the complicated legal contexts in particular countries. In this webinar, we will focus on Latin America and answer the basic questions clients have: is an EOR solution permitted? Does it have legal limitations? Are there specific provisions needed in the agreement with the EOR? Does the client become a ‘co-employer’ with the EOR and, if so, what are the ramifications? And, if the EOR solution is unavailable or risky, what alternatives does the foreign employer have? In this webinar, our attorneys will discuss these questions for several Latin American countries and offer tips that can be implemented in your business.