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L&E Global Members Celebrated by Who’s Who Legal in 2021

L&E Global congratulates all of our alliance members who were recognised for excellence in the field of employment law by Who’s Who Legal in 2021.

WWL Thought Leaders: Labour & Employment 2021

WWL Thought Leaders: Labour & Employment aims to shine a light on what puts these practitioners at the apogee of the global labour and employment markets. They are worthy of special mention owing not only to their expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge matters, but also their ability to innovate and inspire.

L&E Global is proud to announce that several members of our international alliance are among the select few who have been designated as the world’s foremost labour, employment and benefits lawyers in the recently published edition of WWL Thought Leaders – Labour & Employment 2021:

  • From Belgium, Chris Van Olmen
  • From Brazil, Alexandre de Almeida Cardoso (NEW)
  • From Canada, Roy Filion
  • From Canada, Peter Thorup (NEW)
  • From Canada, James Knight
  • From France, Florence Aubonnet (NEW)
  • From France, Joël Grangé
  • From France, Olivier Kress
  • From Germany, Tobias Pusch
  • From Mexico, Oscar De la Vega Gomez
  • From Mexico, Ricardo Martínez Rojas (NEW)
  • From Mexico, Edgar Mayorga (NEW) 

WWL: Labour, Employment & Benefits 2021

WWL: Labour, Employment & Benefits identifies the leading private practice lawyers with a proven track record in representing and advising management, and senior executives and partners, on all aspects of labour, employment and industrial relations law. These practitioners are experts in team moves; restrictive covenants; collective bargaining and industrial disputes; pensions and benefits; employment litigation and arbitration.

More than 40 attorneys from 18 L&E Global member firms across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia were chosen for this year’s edition of WWL: Labour, Employment & Benefits 2021:


  • Chris Van Olmen
  • Thomas De Jongh (New in 2021)


  • Alexandre de Almeida Cardoso
  • Marcelo Pereira Gômara


  • Frank Angeletti
  • Roy Filion QC
  • Donald Jarvis
  • James Knight
  • Brian Mulroney
  • Peter Thorup
  • David Wakely
  • Paul Young


  • Ricardo Tisi


  • Carol Zhu


  • Juan Pablo López (New in 2021)


  • Florence Aubonnet
  • Hubert Flichy
  • Joël Grangé
  • Olivier Kress


  • Tobias Pusch
  • Thomas Wahlig (New in 2021)


  • Avik Biswas
  • Manishi Pathak


  • Oscar De la Vega Gomez
  • Enrique García Conde (New in 2021)
  • Ricardo Martínez Rojas
  • Edgar Mayorga (New in 2021)


  • Christiaan Oberman
  • Gieneke van Wulfften Palthe (New in 2021)


  • Alina Giżejowska (New in 2021)
  • Arkadiusz Sobczyk


  • Luis Miguel Monteiro


  • Iván Suárez


  • Robert Stromberg


  • Denis Humbert
  • André Lerch (New in 2021)


  • Nick Elwell-Sutton (New in 2021)
  • Robert Hill
  • James Major
  • Paul Hodges (New in 2021)


  • John L. Sander (New in 2021)
  • Howard Shapiro (New in 2021)


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