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L&E Global Members featured in the Inaugural Edition of WWL Thought Leaders: Labour & Employment 2019

Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders: Labour & Employment 2019 brings together for the first time the insight, expertise and wisdom of some of the world’s foremost labour, employment and benefits lawyers in a single book.

  • From Belgium, Chris Van Olmen
  • From France, Joël Grangé
  • From France, Olivier Kress
  • From Germany, Tobias Pusch
  • From Mexico, Oscar De la Vega Gomez
  • From Sweden, Robert Stromberg

Through interviews with the practitioners themselves, WWL Thought Leaders: Labour & Employment aims to shine a light on what puts these practitioners at the apogee of the global labour and employment markets. They are worthy of special mention owing not only to their expertise and experience advising on some of the world’s most significant and cutting-edge matters, but also their ability to innovate and inspire. Their experience and understanding of the legal world and their unique insights into the area will no doubt be illuminating and instructive to a wide spectrum of readers, whether clients, corporate counsel, established practitioners, those starting out in the law, or anyone with an interest in the practice of law at the very highest level.



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