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L&E Global Sponsors Annual IBA Employment and Diversity Law Conference 2019

Taking the lead as the Headline Sponsor of the IBA Annual Employment and Diversity Law Conference in Paris, successfully served to showcase the L&E Global alliance and our member firms to the community of international business leaders and the multinational corporations they represent. With more than 20 delegates from 16 countries in attendance, L&E Global had a very strong and visible presence in Paris, particularly those members who contributed to several popular sessions over the course of the two-day conference:

  • Avik Biswas from IndusLaw as a Speaker
  • Rebecca Ford from Clyde & Co as a Moderator
  • Olivier Kress from Flichy Grangé Avocats as a Moderator
  • Nicolas Simon from Van Olmen & Wynant as a Speaker
  • Iván Suárez from Suárez de Vivero as a Moderator



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