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L&E Global publishes Popular Series of Employment Law Overviews 2019-2020

Even in the era of far-reaching international trade agreements and regional economic and political partnerships, the majority of workplace laws and regulations are still determined by the individual countries where employees work.

Spanning 6 continents, L&E Global’s member firms are ideally situated to provide clients with pragmatic, commercial advice necessary to achieve their objectives. Our members work closely with corporate, legal, human resources departments and corporate executives across a variety of sectors and industries to address the strategic and tactical issues that arise in the workplace.

Discover the most important labour and employment rules, regulations and best practices specific to each jurisdiction, conveniently together in one place –

Employment Law Overviews 2019-2020
Global Edition

This series of informative and smartly-designed publications have become the relied upon “bible of choice” for employers.

The Global Edition guide outlines the employment law regime across 20+ key jurisdictions worldwide. In keeping with the principal themes of Pre-Employment, Employment and Post-Employment issues, the Global Edition delivers invaluable insight into the fundamental labour and employment law matters that national and international employers need to be aware of.

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