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L&E Global Launches Series of International Employment Law Overviews 2021-22

L&E Global is proud to announce that the latest installment of our popular series of international Employment Law Overviews 2021-2022 is now available online.

Looking for information that is comprehensive and specific to a particular country? Discover the most important labour and employment rules, regulations and best practices governing the workplace, conveniently together in one place –



L&E Global’s Employment Law Overviews have become the go-to field guides for corporate, legal and HR decision-makers. Moreover, for companies operating in multiple countries, we offer the ELO 2021-22: Global Edition cross-border compendium, outlining the employment law regime across 28 jurisdictions worldwide.

The ELO series is further enhanced by our interactive microsite. Our Country Comparison Tool pulls the latest data from the Employment Law Overviews, sorts the information into 11 primary topics and 30+/- secondary subjects, and allows you to automatically generate a concise and workable country-by-country comparison of the issues, based on your chosen criteria.

The ELO guides are an example of L&E Global’s continued commitment to providing you with insightful and resourceful information to assist with all of your employment law needs.

It is our privilege to bring you the latest developments and analysis from around the world. And it’s all just a click away! Explore well.



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